Cultural Literacy Korean Dance

Lesson Plan
Ko and Friends Korean Dance
by Jiyu Jung

·      Student: 2nd grade (20 people)
·      Aim: Student will be able to explore Korean culture and danace throughout the story of Ko and Friends.
·      Objectives: Students will be able to
Ø  Classify different culture throughout creative story, Ko and Friends.
Ø  Experience fan dance in order to make shapes of nature with classmates.
·      Materials.
Paper, Power Point, Camera, Presentation, Korean fans, Music, Speaker, I-pod.

Warm up ( One hundred mice) 10 mins
·      The teacher asks students to remove shoes and move into Kinesphere spots.
·      The teacher makes a circle and starts “One Hundred Mice” which is a Korean children song.
·      This warm up encourages the movements of folding fingers, clapping hands, head movements, shoulder movements, twisting upper body, expanding body, contracting body, shaking body). 

Body (30mins)
Presentation of Theme (5minutes)
The teacher tells the story of Ko and Friends, presenting Korean culture, Korean fan dance (also, teacher uses Korean traditional fables). Throughout this story, students will naturally understand the information of Korea, fan dance.
Demonstration by Korean fan dance (20minutes)
·       The teacher will divide four groups.
·       The teacher will show how to hold fans for the fan dance and students try to grasp the fans.
·       The students will make three shapes with fans. The first group shows the shape of line and they use the line in order to make shape of wave. And then they make the shape of flower by the wave.
·       The students will make their own creative shape with three shapes (line, wave, flower).
·       The teacher will give time for students in order to create shape.
·       The students will show their shape with team (group work).
·       Four group will dance together with fans
End (5mins)
Shoes on .
Leave 5 minutes built into lesson for questions and adjustments.

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