Cultural Literacy Flamenco Museum

Lesson Plan
Flamenco Museum

by Andrew Jannetti


Student: 4th – 5th grade
Aim: To introduce students to the Art of Flamenco in an interactive environment.
Objectives: Students will be able to
·      Identify where Flamenco is from
·      Explain the origin of Flamenco
·      Describe and Demonstrate the Language of the Fan
·      Identify the costumes and instruments of the Flamenco dancer, singer, and musician
·      Create a short phrase based on Flamenco Rhythms

Flamenco Music, Books on Flamenco, Biographies of famous Flamenco Dancers and Singers, Castanets, Flamenco shoes, a cape, a shawl, Gitano hat, photos of Flamenco performers, fans, language of the fans, maps of the world, Spain and Andalucia, music, ipod or cd player, paper, pencils, pre-assessment test.

Intro (5- 10 mins)
·      Before students enter museum teacher hands out pre-assessment test with 4 questions about Flamenco and Spanish Culture, includes an open ended question like “What do you think Flamenco is?’

Body (30mins)
·      On entering museum students get a page of instructions about things they need to discover in the museum.
·      Once they finish the question on the page they then have to answer as many of the other questions that are posted on the wall. They can work in concert with other students to fins all the answers.

Conclusion ( 10 mins)
·      introduce the basic rhythm using the 12 count model with accents on the 3,6,8,10,12
·      introduce some basic footwork naming the different parts of the foot and how to use them to create sound

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