Monday, March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Remote Education and Dancing 

Day Four March 23, 2020 MONDAY

7:45am First day of online learning. We are about to have our morning meeting with our principal virtually. AS a matter of fact all city teachers are about to do this and then go online with their students all 1.1 million of them. This has to be an historic moment. He largest school system in the country going online. I wait with anticipation!!! (nail biting)

Just finished Morning meeting. It went fairly well. So far, so Good!

I think the most frustrating thing about getting this going is that we are all trying to figure it out at the same time and very often get different answers to our questions. I just got tired of being told one thing and then another about how I am going to go online, post my lessons, how often, when, to whom, etc.. It just became overwhelming and I got more stressed out. REMEMBER: Self -care first.

So at this point I’d rather be left alone, knowing that I will do more than anyone can require of me because I am an over achiever, whether I do it someone else’s way or not. One of the colleges where I am an adjunct just told me that I am doing way more than is expected of me and they praised me for being an outstanding adjunct lecturer.

So I am over all the nonsense, my Monday classes went online and my students will be spectacular because they know that is what I expect of them. Even my Pre-K

Remember “Dancing Heals All”

More later…
The Dancing Jedi

Day 4 Continued….

So other than having a headache, Day One online went fairly smoothly. The big issue is not knowing the program well enough to navigate around obstacles or impasses. It is like only knowing  a few words of a language and having to explain a very involved problem. You  literally don’t have the language to do it.
Baby steps, I guess.

Well now I need to prepare for this evening’s virtual classroom with my Beginning Ballet Class at Saint Francis, which is turning into a Ballet History class. We will see how this goes.

Signing off until tomorrow. Hopefully my headache will be gone by then.

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