Friday, April 3, 2020

Coronavirus Remote Education and Dancing 
Day Eleven & Twelve April 1 and 2, 2020 Wednesday & Thursday

Wow! Two days have passed since my last blog entry. I guess I have been busy. That said things also are starting to get a bit more manageable. I could still use a little more self-care but, even with that, I am beginning to find a balance. It is hard though to remember what day it is.

The big news is that we lost our Spring break. Now, I can understand being upset about it as we have all been overworked and overwhelmed and were looking forward to actually taking care of things at home and not just working from home. And parents feel the same way. They want a break from having to balance working at home and then giving instruction to their kids, which they are discovering is a lot harder than they thought. Maybe a new appreciation of Teachers and the Art of Teaching will come out of all of this.

So, to that point:  We are essential, our students need us more than ever, right now. Our society needs us, right now. This is really our opportunity to show how much we care and how much we are essential, not only to our students, but to the welfare of the society. As much as I need this break, I also cannot be angry with the Governor for keeping us on, to do our job, in the time of an emergency. In so many ways we are on the front lines with other public servants, not to mention those who are responsible for keeping food markets open and available to us.  When so many people are out of work and will most likely have to collect unemployment, if they are eligible, the fact that I have a job, privileges me, and I just cannot see abusing that privilege. If we are all in this together then it is my responsibility to use my privilege for the good of all. If that means giving up a week off, so be it.  It is better than having no job at all and it shows people how essential we are and how willing we are to step up when needed.
Now if only everyone remembers that the next time our contract comes up, and we need them to step up and acknowledge how what we do is not only important, but essential!

Peace Out
The Dancing Jedi

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